I saw “9 Reasons To Bring Back Cocktail Parties” from Huffington Post this week and decided to create my own list for Catholics. Building on top of what they wrote, I thought it would be appropriate to make the list more “family friendly” — lots of folks posted on Facebook that they love this idea and have tried to do it. Well, here are reasons we Catholics should throw a cocktail party if you haven’t already! (PS – I’ve started a Classic Cocktail Series on Tuesdays so be sure to check it out for ideas!)

1. Try new drinks like classic cocktails without paying $15 for it because you need to save money for Catholic school. Or go for your old favorite and no one will judge you — I see you drinking that Jack & Coke.

cocktail party


2. You can bring your children and not worry about what other people in the restaurant will say when they want to run around — shirts and shoes optional.



3. You can chat about the saints and theology, with books around to reference (finally that Canon Law book is useful!).

Theology books


4. You can invite your priest over and he can bless your house at the same time. You also can earn graces for the next time he hears your confession.



5. You can drink your own homebrew that you made with your Catholic buddies from the Catholic Drinkie’s upcoming book, “The Catholic Drinkie’s Guide to Homebrewed Evangelism.”