Lent: Springtime of Self Discovery

This Lent is about rediscovering myself and my passions while shedding bad habits I’ve allowed myself to develop. A true springtime of self.

I used to do lots of things better than I do now. I used to devour books. When I was a kid, my mom couldn’t keep enough books in the house for me. I plowed through the pages, enjoying stories and enveloping myself into plots and characters. Then I grew up.

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The blessings of friendship

Friendships are a blessing and are one of my favorite parts about being a human. Especially as a single person, I treasure my dear friends very much as they provide me not only with so much laughter and a spiritual support group, but with an outlet for my sanity! Plus, they serve as my homebrew taste testers and helping hands. That’s what friends are for, right?

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Growing old alone?

Pardon the personal nature of this post. I’ve heard mixed reviews from readers when I talk about my personal life, veering off course from more Catholic- or beer-related matters. But my heart yearns to share my struggle in hopes of allowing others to see they are not alone if they feel this too. So please accept my sincerest apologies in advance if this topic offends or displeases you. I’m simply attempting to be authentic and share with others some of my struggles.


My biggest fear seems like it might come true: I might grow old alone. I’ll be 32 this fall. A scary number for certain when you’re woefully single without any prospects on the horizon. 

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Who let me adult? I can’t adult.

As I continue to age, I find myself in an odd dichotomy. Sometimes I feel my age due to all my responsibilities with work, rent, bills, etc; sometimes I definitely don’t feel like an adult, but rather a kid who’s doing a great job at pretending her way through life. Raise your hand if you often feel that way. I see you thinking about it …

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Lent + Confession = Success

Confession. Quite possibly the most ominous of the Sacraments. But I would argue that it also the one with the most rewards. Not only can we freely receive this Sacrament as much as we feel necessary, but it can truly, in a very real way, improve how we live our everyday lives. Not to mention the physical rewards can be felt immediately.

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