Perfecting the art of follow-through

I’m an idea person. I love to start things. I don’t always finish them. I’ve been this way since I was a child — just ask my parents. As an adult I’ve seen this in so many of things I’ve done tried to do. I’m better at setting things up with processes and making it look great than I am at continuing the process I created.

For example, I have redesigned my blog 2x in hopes of triggering my discipline to write daily or at least just a few times a week. It’s been my “New Years Resolution” for no less than the last two years. Every weekend I tell myself I’m going to write. And then I don’t. Until … I wrote a book. I signed a contract and wrote an entire book. I can you that had I not been under contract to finish by a particular date, I would still be working on it. As I mentioned before, I’m GREAT at starting things. Not so great at finishing (let’s not even talk about going to the gym regularly). But I have worked recently on perfecting the art of follow-through.

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The Thing About Writing

I’m waking up on this rainy, Sunday morning to thoughts of how to get into a better pattern of blogging and writing.

(Sidenote: I wrote this post on the ‘quick draft’ here in WordPress and when I clicked the ‘Save Draft’ button, it shot me back an error and cleared the screen. Worst feeling ever! So here is my second attempt to write what is floating around in my thoughts this morning; though in my efforts to recreate, I am woefully falling short.)

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