The Bible and Wine

Christian denominations have opposing views on the use of alcoholic beverages. Others openly prohibit the practice of drinking wine, while there are those who don’t necessarily forbid it, but rather warn their followers against drunkenness.

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Wine & Importance in Life of the Catholic Church

In college, my girlfriends and I had what we used to call Fortnight Thursdays when we would get together and learn more about beer, wine and alcohol – how it’s made, different types, etc. Perhaps this is why I got so into learning more about what I drink? Well this is an installment of that with some changes and updates. Thanks to my friend Colleen for her hard work on this!

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Guest Post: Remembering Wine

I am here to help represent a faction that has not yet received much attention on this blog (no offense to our beloved Catholic Drinkie).  Ladies and gentlemen, while beer is good … let’s remember the wine.  I love me a good Blue Moon (with an orange), and let’s remember that Jesus’ first public miracle involved the other white (or red) drink: WINE.

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