How can we go wrong with a blog post which includes quotes from Catholics of all ages about beer, wine and other such libations? The answer is … we can’t!

So below I have included some of my favorite quotes I’ve found along the way. The Internet is so fun!

“In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe and the Cross can all fit together.” – GK Chesterton

“No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness – or as good as drink.” G.K. Chesterton

“The good Lord has changed water into wine, so how can drinking beer be a sin?” Sign near a Belgian Monastery

“Beer that is not drunk has missed its vocation.” Meyer Breslau

“From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.” – Saint Arnold of Metz, The patron Saint of Brewers

“It is my design to die in the brew house; let ale be placed in my mouth when I am expiring, that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, “Be God propitious to this drinker.” St. Columbanus, A.D. 612

What are your favorite quotes? Post them below in the comments!