One of my best friends from college posted this on Facebook the other night … of course I wanted to share it with you all! She said it’s super easy … and in looking at the recipe, she is right! I’ll have to try this soon. Um, sorry to those who gave up sweets or liquor for Lent. The recipe will be waiting for you after Easter. 🙂

choc-bourbonChocolate Bourbon Milkshake

2 oz bourbon
2 oz chocolate syrup
1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Blend in a mixer

Now, we ended up putting in more ice cream b/c it was really liquidy. That said, it also ended up being pretty strong. So, here is my recipe “edits” for next time:

1 oz of bourbon
2 oz chocolate
1 to 1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream – use your judgement based on the thickness you’re looking for.