A Shandy. The beer beverage that everyone loves to drink, but no one likes to admit they love. 😉

A Shandy is a beer typically mixed with lemon soda, though some breweries have gotten fancy lately with their recipes. The Germans perfected this style of beer.

Leinenkugel has the most famous of the pre-made shandy beers with their Summer Shandy. It’s so nice to crack open a can on a warm, late Spring day … especially if you’re at a Braves game. Sam Adams has one with their alternative brand called Curious Traveler and Shock Top makes their own as well. This summer, Coors Light released “Coors Light Summer Brew,” their take on a shandy by adding citrus flavors to Coors Light.

Needless to say, the shandy style is all the rage. You don’t have to be stuck buying what your local beer store has, however. You can make your own!

Here are the steps to make your own shandy. The goal is to have 50% beer and 50% lemonade.

  1. Choose and pour your beer. Make sure you are using a lighter beer. As a base, I recommend the following:
    • Wheat beer. Pairs wonderfully with fruit, but especially the lemon in a shandy.
    • Lager. Because this is a crisp style, it lends nicely to making a shandy.
    • Pilsner. Has the most flavor of these three choices, giving you a more German-style, traditional shandy flavor.
  2. Choose and pour your lemonade. Whether you choose sparkling lemonade, regular lemonade, or lemon soda (such as Pellegrino or Squirt), your shandy is pretty much guaranteed to be good.
    • Choose all-natural lemonade. With a great beer, natural lemonade tastes amazing. Everything is better natural than from concentrate.
    • Taste after you pour – it’s better to have less lemon than not enough beer. So find your right mix and use that!

Happy Shandy making! Cheers!