If you follow me on Twitter or are IRL friends with me, you know that I’m *slightly* into ordering things online *cough cough* Amazon as well as a big lover of music. Well, this week I allowed myself to finally merge these loves: I purchased my very first turntable so I can now enjoy the glorious depths of sound found on vinyl.

I’ve had this turntable on my Amazon wishlist for more than 2 years and I decided it was do or die. Happy Easter to me! I bought my first record in the fall when I saw the very talented Parker Millsap in concert here in Atlanta with every intention of buying myself a record player. I never did. The record has admittedly just been sitting in my entertainment center collecting dust. It was the first record I spun on my shiny, new turntable.

I spent hours researching, reading reviews and talking with friends to find just the right investment piece. I didn’t want to get a record player that wasn’t compatible with my stereo receiver and I didn’t want to get something with poor sound quality. After much evaluation, I landed on the Audio Technica AT-LP60. The sound is incredible — better than I ever imagined! I spent the extra $20 to get it in black so it matches the rest of my entertainment electronics. What the heck, Amazon? Why is black more expensive?


Picked up these goodies from Amazon as an Easter present to myself. Super stoked to be enjoying the very rich sound of vinyl!

If you’ve ever wanted to get a record player and haven’t yet, let me tell you it is worth the investment! And as I’ve started to purchase the vinyls, I’ve realized that majority of the new records come with an MP3 download code so you can get 2-for-1! Makes the more expensive vinyl over CD or digital-only purchase worth it.

I’m looking forward to adding more records to my growing collection. Definitely going to work on getting some classic rock in here. It just seems so appropriate. And maybe just maybe my parents will let me dig through their vinyl collection at home and “borrow” a few. 😉

Many of my friends have commented on how this ups my hipster points in a big way. To them I say, well, come on over and brew some beer with me and listen to vinyl! Don’t forget your skinny jeans, v-neck t-shirt and lace-up shoes. Bring on the hipster. I’m just enjoying life.


PS — I got my hands on a copy of the amazing new book, Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour by Michael P. Foley, and let me just tell you. Whoa. This is a wonderful read! I will have a more formal review coming soon, complete with giving away a free copy of the book! So keep checking back and I’ll post details on how to win this incredibly clever and entertaining drinkie-related manual.


Stayed tunes for details on my upcoming giveaway of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour by Michael P. Foley