Note from Sarah: One of my favorite parts about my presence on social media is that I get to network with all sorts of wonderful people. Today, I want to share with you a post written by my new friend Father Ryan Higdon. Father Ryan is a passionate, holy young priest who also shares a love for malty beverages. He recently visited Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, TX and wrote a review. Check it out and say hi to Fr. Ryan on Twitter.



As a priest I don’t get that many chances to embrace my love of beer, so when a crew of homebrewers asked me to join them for a tour of a local brewery, how could say no? Add the fact that they were going to one of my new favorite breweries for a personal tour with the owner … Yes, please.

Karbach Brewing is decidedly blessed. At every turn they’ve beat the odds and it shows. The owner told us that they had originally hoped to sell 4, 8, and then 12 thousand barrels in the first three years, but when they hit 8+ in their first year they knew they had something. At the time of our tour they were putting the finishing touches on a gorgeous new 120 barrel Ziemann brewing system. That nearly quadruples their capacity!! It’s enough to make a priest drool Tim Allen style.

Fr. Ryan & Friend

Fr. Ryan Higdon at Karbach Brewing Co.

The best part? Karbach’s hospitality. Hands Down.

These guys are amazing. The owner met us at the door, wouldn’t dream of starting the tour till our thirst had been quenched, and stopped several times to break out “reserve” and “limited release” items they had saved for verticals. Real class acts and it showed in their employees as well. I don’t think I saw an employee who didn’t look happy or fist bump each other as they passed.

These may not be religious brewers but they’ve truly embraced the principles of Benedictine hospitality. We were strangers and for a time they made us feel welcomed and at home. In a world that’s often cold and broken into ideological camps these guys are the sort of people you want to support.

So, if you can, grab a brew from these guys because not only is their beer a fanatic option but they’re great people.

Suggestions of what to buy from Karbach: Everyone reaches for their Hopadillo but I highly suggest springing for the El Hopadillo Negro, a delicious black IPA.

If you’ve got a few extra coins in the jar, do what you can to find a bottle from their BBH Series. This won’t disappoint.



Fr. Ryan Higdon is a Diocesan Priest for the Diocese of Austin. He happily serves the The Lord and His people as the associate Pastor at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Bryan, Texas. He hosts a local radio show on Fridays called “Everyday Catholics.” Be sure to check them out on Facebook and visit Fr. Ryan’s blog where he posts his homilies and radio shows.