I really can’t believe today is the one-year anniversary for CatholicDrinkie.com. A year ago, I sat with some of the most creative minds in the Catholic social space and brainstormed the creation of this blog. So thanks to my friends who sat with me in Boston and allowed me to pick their brains and indulge this dream of mine.

DrinkieBrainstormI’ve had more than 8,000 unique hits on the blog over the last year from 81 countries and all 50 states here in the U.S.! This brings me much joy!

If you’ve ever inspired me with a tweet, a drink suggestion or made me laugh, this day is for you. If you’ve ever submitted a guest post or left me a comment on a post, this day is for you. If you’ve ever Re-Tweeted something for me on Twitter or shared a Facebook post, this day is for you. I wouldn’t be here without any of you.

It’s a blessing to share the date with St. Dominic – a great blog post about St. Dominic was written by my good friends Joel & Lisa Schmidt over at their blog The Practicing Catholic – be sure to check it out.

So THANK YOU! Please help me to continue to grow the blog and make it a better place to discuss being Catholic, enjoying beer, wine and liquor … all while having fun and serving God. So Cheers to you, readers of the blog. Your support is tremendous and undeserved. For all this, I humbly thank you. God bless.