Everyone has one – well, unless you are stuck in the world of drinking crappy beer. Ahem, @alisongriz. Shameful.

There has been an ongoing debate / battle / wrestling match on Twitter regarding the quality of some stereotypical low-brow beers: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light … rumor has it, I might be receiving a “passionate defense for your blogging consideration” regarding the refreshing value of a Mich Ultra. I’ll post it here and let you, the readers, decide her fate. Should she be banned from drinking these beverages? Or was her defense convincing enough to allow continued consumption? Only time will tell.

So back to the point of today’s post. I was talking to a friend the other night at the bar and we were looking at our beer lists and thinking about what beers led us to want to stop drinking mass-produced beers and drink craft beers almost exclusively. What beers did you start with to bring you over to the craft beer side? Put your thinking cap on (or your drinking cap!).

I am lucky to be able to pull up my list online since I drink (most of the time) at a bar that keeps track for me! Looking back I started out with mostly lagers, flavored wheats, ciders and blondes – typical girl beers. I had a few good ones sprinkled in from when I was feeling adventurous. Here are some beers I’d like to attribute my love of craft beer to:

Abita Purple Haze, Flavor Wheat, Abita brewery, Louisiana – 4.75%
Hennipen Farmhouse Ale, Belgium White, Ommegang bewery, New York – 7.7%
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, Stout, Samuel Smith brewery, Massachusetts, 5%
Horny Goat Wheat, Belgium White, Rex brewery, Wisconsin – 5.5%

I really think these were my crossover beers. I had some other bad beers sprinkled in when drinking these, but I think I got a taste of the good life and just continued my journey.

Now it’s your turn! Cheers!