This Lent is about rediscovering myself and my passions while shedding bad habits I’ve allowed myself to develop. A true springtime of self.

I used to do lots of things better than I do now. I used to devour books. When I was a kid, my mom couldn’t keep enough books in the house for me. I plowed through the pages, enjoying stories and enveloping myself into plots and characters. Then I grew up.

Now I have become the worst of America. My passion for reading has been limited to blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts. If it requires more than a few seconds to complete, my attention wanes and my mind has moved on.

I fully blame myself. I have allowed my attention span to become short. I have allowed myself to watch entirely too much television, making excuses that it’s a good way to wind down after a long day in front of a computer screen at the office. I’ve allowed myself to let others think for me, giving me the words and images for a story.

I am what’s wrong with America.

But here’s the thing. I love Lent. It’s a built-in reset button for life. God gives us this liturgical season at just the right time. I’m not much for New Years Resolutions, but give me a good Lenten penance and I’m in.

So I’m here to declare that my love affair with mindless binge-watching HGTV must end. I’m sorry, Chip & Jo-Jo, but Jesus is calling me to His words. I know you as a Christian family will understand.

This Lent, I’m rediscovering my love for words – both others’ and my own.