Tuesday brought part 1 of the argument regarding low-calorie (and low-taste) beers.

Alison gave her best effort to defend Michelob Ultra, but I remain unconvinced.

She begins her argument by discussing the weather patterns in Hilton Head. Yes, it’s hot and humid there. But … I live in Atlanta. It’s equally as hot and humid here and we don’t get a beach breeze! I know there are some readers who live in even more hot and humid places (New Orleans) that disagree that Corona is too heavy for hot weather. It’s all about what you like. I find many craft beers that have actual flavor to be refreshing even during the heat. Any Belgium White should satisfy this requirement – they are crisp and refreshing! I had a peach beer from  Dogfish Head a month or so ago. It was deliciously refreshing and would have been perfect for the beach! Ever heard of a Shandy? It’s beer and lemonade mixed. Also ideal for the beach!

Regarding the date argument and over-indulging on high-gravity craft brews: Just trust yourself not to drink too much! I can nurse a nice, high-gravity beer and still respect myself at the end of the night.

Furthermore, judging a guy based on what he drinks – That’s not cool! I have met PLENTY of men while out at the bar who are anything but hoity-toity and drink craft beer. That’s like judging someone based on what they are wearing. We’re Catholic here – we are not meant to judge! It really doesn’t matter what you drink or even if you drink, but don’t judge a person by their drink (unless they are a bunch of 21-year-olds thinking they are cool by going to a beer bar and ordering only mixed drinks).

One of my best friends married a guy who is very outdoorsy, very laid back and an all-around man’s man … he drinks craft beer. He would live outside in a tent if his wife would allow it. He drives a jeep and owns a motorcycle. Does that sound like the hoity-toity type? No way, man. And that’s how most of my beer drinking friends are! Maybe it’s just the difference between Atlanta and Hilton Head. 🙂

For me, craft beer is a hobby. People put their whole heart into obtaining the brewing perfection of their beers. I happily support their career choice by purchasing and trying. Does this make me high maintenance because I prefer something that has more time and more care put into it? No way. It means  I appreciate the effort and passions of another.

Craft beer is an artform. I choose to drink something with heart and soul behind it instead of a marketing scheme to simply sell beer-flavored water. Don’t judge me or my friends for doing so.

According to an article appearing today on BeverageWorld.com, U.S. Beer consumption is down overall. However, craft beer consumption is up 7 percent. How can something that is trending upwards amidst an overall decline indicate anything other than what I’ve stated above – people appreciate flavor, creativity and depth.

If you like Michelob Ultra because you legitimately enjoy the flavor, then fine. But don’t list reasons which can be debunked by many. Alison, come to Atlanta and walk a day in my shoes and I’ll show you the beauty of craft beer!