I am here to help represent a faction that has not yet received much attention on this blog (no offense to our beloved Catholic Drinkie).  Ladies and gentlemen, while beer is good … let’s remember the wine.  I love me a good Blue Moon (with an orange), and let’s remember that Jesus’ first public miracle involved the other white (or red) drink: WINE.

Fall is quickly approaching, and wineries are having “Grape Stomp” festivals.  Naturally, when you hear the words “Grape Stomp”, I imagine everyone pictures Lucille Ball in the classic “I Love Lucy” episode (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fGTK9TyDao).  And, as someone who has been to several grape stomp festivals, I’d have to say that the video is pretty accurate (although they discourage throwing grapes at other people for the most part).

To answer the first question – it feels like you’re stepping in mud.  Yes, your feet do look kinda reddish, and although they say the grapes stain, there are some good products out there that get the stains out (we learned this after my sister and her friends got into a Lucy-style grape fight).

I’ll be completely honest – this August has been a hard one on me.  There have been moments where I felt like I was tossed into a barrel for people to stomp on.  I felt like a few people in my life took their turns dancing and making a mess out of me.  And this is where my faith has stepped in (instead of stepping on).

With every glass of wine, you smell and taste hints of different fruits, oaks, and flavors.  Each bottle has been through it’s own journey and, at one point, were just a bunch of grapes getting squashed.  Just like the grain of wheat that must fall to the ground and die to produce seeds (John 12:24-25), we must have those moments where we are picked from our comfort zone and go through some squashing to become a bottle of wine.

So, next time you’re swirling a Pinot Noir or sipping a Sauvignon Blanc, know that a great glass of wine doesn’t just show up … its a process.  And while parts of it may be uncomfortable, it’s the only way that we’ll produce a great drink.



Hi – I’m Kristan Doerfler and my “Clark Kent” day job is as an IT consultant and analyst in my native city of Houston, TX.  Over the past few years, blogging has become a natural way of sharing the Catholic faith, both for the Houston Chronicle (http://www.houstonbelief.com/emmausroad) and as a contributor for The Catholic Guy Show fan site (http://www.catholicguyshow.com).  I have taught high school faith formation since 2001 and have a goal to compare our Catholic faith to as many TV shows as possible, including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Bachelor”.  I have two guys that constantly fight for my attention – my pet Chihuahuas.  I am happiest in the Texas Hill Country, wearing a cowboy hat, and waterskiing (promptly followed by a beer on the boat!)

Favorite Drink: Wine! Top 3:  Peace Red (Australia), Fall Creek Chenin Blanc (Texas) and whatever has an eye-catching label and is on sale!