When Alison Griswold, a regular guest poster here at Catholic Drinkie, asked if she could write about her upcoming Mission Trip to Nicaragua, I happily agreed. Please prayerfully consider supporting Alison. Thanks, guys.

After college, I spent two years as a lay missionary in Belize, Central America.  In the midst of attempting to convert people to Christ, I experienced a conversion of sorts myself.

I became a beer drinker.

Not to the point that it was problematic, mind you.  It was just a fun way to celebrate the weekend.  While our peers, stateside, were hitting up happy hours and sports bars, we discovered that cards and a bag of tortilla chips with cold beers on the roof could be just as much fun.

While I had previously been one to appreciate “frou-frou” drinks, I found imported liquor was far too expensive and difficult to find (and even after it had been located, ice as an even more precious commodity).  At $1.50 a bottle, the local beer, Belikin, became our go-to for the weekend.  It was ironically marketed as, “the only beer worth drinking” since the shrewd brewery had worked out a deal with the bottling company, ensuring that theirs was actually the only beer in the country.

A hallmark of the simplicity of life (and ease of monopolies) in developing countries is that there are often only one or two brands of beer to choose from.  In Belize, it was Belikin and the occasional Gallo that had been smuggled in from Guatemala.

I hope to offer Catholic Drinkie readers a glimpse into Central American brew in a few months.  In November, over Thanksgiving, I hope to venture to Nicaragua to work with Mustard Seed for a week (http://www.mustardseed.com/site/PageServer?pagename=mustard_seed_index) to volunteer at their mission that serves abandoned children with special needs and the families that live and work in the local dump.  To make a long story short, I need to raise about $1000 for the mission over the next few weeks.  Not for me, mind you, but in support of the work the mission does.

I’m asking the good readers of the Catholic Drinkie if you’d consider sacrificing the cost of a beer ($2.00-$5.00, depending on your tastes) and supporting my fundraising efforts.  In exchange (with the Catholic Drinkie’s permission – Um, for sure, no questions asked) I’ll be sure to follow up with a blog post for y’all about the brew scene in Nicaragua AND send a few donors (selected at random) a bottle of the local brew for your collections.  You can donate to my fund by clicking here:  http://www.mustardseed.com/site/TR/Events/General?pxfid=2430&fr_id=1050&pg=fund  and follow my adventures on Twitter @alisongriz or my blog at www.teamcatholic.blogspot.com. Please keep me in prayers, and hopefully I’ll be updating y’all in December!