I’m waking up on this rainy, Sunday morning to thoughts of how to get into a better pattern of blogging and writing.

(Sidenote: I wrote this post on the ‘quick draft’ here in WordPress and when I clicked the ‘Save Draft’ button, it shot me back an error and cleared the screen. Worst feeling ever! So here is my second attempt to write what is floating around in my thoughts this morning; though in my efforts to recreate, I am woefully falling short.)

Each morning, I read through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, checking out the latest news and links shared by folks. Inevitably I find myself reading blogs that I wish I had been the one to write. I have all these ideas and experiences I want to share on my blog. I want to be a consistent writer who shares her life with her friends and readers.

I don’t write because I lackĀ ideas. Rather, I don’t write because I am afraid of doing it wrong. Or even worse, I often think, ‘Oh, I should write about this trend or this beer or this current event’ but it is always followed by ‘I shouldn’t because I am sure someone else is doing it better.’

Sometimes I also fall into the trap of wondering if anyone wants to read about some of the things I want to share. ‘Do Catholic Drinkie readers care about this? Is this what they expect of me?’

It makes it challenging to churn out any posts with thoughts like that.

That’s the thing about writing. You can’t be any good if you, the writer, don’t believe in your work.