After quite a long absence, the Catholic Drinkie blog is active once again!

For whatever reason, I had convinced myself that maintaining a website/blog was a lot harder than it actually is. So I am back for a third time to try this consistent blogging thing. I’ve learned in my now old age (ahem, 30), that all I have to do is force myself to write something … anything. For a few minutes a day. I’ll win some blog entries, but I’ll lose more. The discipline of the whole thing is what matters most. And I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you guys as we journey this thing called life together.

I’ve spent many hours laboring over the new design of Drinkie. I hope that you will find it much more user friendly. My hope is that it will allow me to evolve this little corner of the Internet into what I dream of it becoming.

I look forward to hearing from you guys on anything and everything. Feel free to contact me anytime to suggest drink reviews or other content. I want this to be a place for community and sharing of ideas.

You are in my daily prayers.

God bless,