Being a single young adult, I am often looking for ways to step out of my selfish tendencies to see the world from a fresh perspective. Sometimes you just need something that is truly good for the soul. One of my favorite ways to do this is to spend time with children. Several of my good friends have gotten married and had babies over the last couple of years and I enjoy spending time with them, but I find the older kids are really the breath of fresh air I often need.

I babysat this week (aka ran carpool) for a couple of days and it was so nice to spend time with innocent souls. When I spend time with kids, I am often reminded of Matthew 18:3 when Jesus says to His disciples: “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” That I might have the faith and innocence of a child once again! I’ll never get back there – nor in many ways do I truly want to lose the wisdom and strength from my years thus far – but I can learn from them in so many ways to trust and love without any conditions.

I took one of the girls to see the Notre Dame women’s basketball team play against Georgia Tech (Go Irish! And we won!). She’s in fifth grade and such a good kid. I see a lot of myself at her age in her. She’s smart and funny with a sweet spirit that just makes you smile. We had fun talking about school, summer camp, her dreams for her future … And it was nice to take a kid out to do something she loves and see the joy in her face as she watched the game. To borrow the classic Mastercard commercial … it was “Priceless.”

We got to Georgia Tech campus and it was quite busy! I was worried about finding a parking place, but then we found a parking deck (parking garage to people who don’t speak Southern) and swiftly walked in the 15 degree weather to the arena. Of course, being me, I cracked some jokes along the way. Mary is such a good sport and gets my ridiculous sense of humor. This was a highlight of the night that I had to post on Twitter. It seemed to get some chuckles (or at least some favorites!):


My heart is so full. I hope one day (soon-ish) I meet a man who wants to settle down and have children. I can’t wait to share moments like these with my own kids. For now, I’ll just have to keep borrowing my friends’ kiddos. I promise to take good care of them!