As I continue to age, I find myself in an odd dichotomy. Sometimes I feel my age due to all my responsibilities with work, rent, bills, etc; sometimes I definitely don’t feel like an adult, but rather a kid who’s doing a great job at pretending her way through life. Raise your hand if you often feel that way. I see you thinking about it …

I tweeted this out earlier this week and got some funny responses from friends. At least we’re all in it together.

A popular meme around the Internet makes me feel a little bit of relief when it comes to feeling lazy, immature and so not grown up enough to do some of the things I do: “Who let me adult? I can’t adult.” Me either, you guys.

Some days, you want to stay in bed too long. Likely because you stayed up too late. Again. You want to watch too much TV. You are too lazy to cook and eat cereal … for every meal. You don’t want to put on real pants so you can leave the house. You dance around your room to “Uptown Funk” — on repeat — by yourself. You wait too long to do laundry. And you exclaim frequently, “When is my next vacation?!” The sad truth is that life isn’t all a vacation (but we can look to Heaven for being that way!). The struggle is the most real.

I have to ask: Does this feeling ever go away? At what age do you hit a point where you feel more adult than not? Before you toss at me “when you have kids of your own,” I have posed this question to my friends who have kids and they still say to me, “I don’t know. I have kids and I still feel like a kid.”

But maybe this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Life is supposed to be fun. Being a Christian is joyful. If we all took things too seriously where would the joy be? Where would the laughter be? Where would the excitement and frankly the reason to get out of bed daily be? Maybe I don’t want to be all adult after all …

Be a kid with your kids. Crank up “Uptown Funk” and dance around. Dream big for your next vacation — or lunch break. Stay up too late. Again. Just be sure to remember to keep your eyes on God.

After all, Jesus did say:

“Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3