You’re probably wondering … how did you get your name?

I love beer! I appreciate the depth and diversity of each beer I taste. I think of beer as art – each being made with precision and love similar to that of a painting. When I taste a beer for the first time, it’s the equivalent of someone looking at a beautiful piece of art. Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when I thought all beer was the same and all tasted like some of our basic American light beers. This is not so! And if you become a loyal reader of this blog, you will soon find that out for yourself!

CNMC Catholic Drinkie brainstormAs far as how I got my name … I attended the 2010 Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston, Mass. During the opening keynote, Mac Barron of SQPN, gave a presentation in the vein of Apple’s Steve Jobs where he outlined what blogs and podcasts SQPN current has on their rolls followed by blogs and podcasts in which SQPN would not be sponsoring. One of them was a offshoot of the very popular Catholic Foodie podcast and blog run by our very own Jeff Young. It was called Catholic Drinkie. The room erupted in laughter. As we were all busy laughing, it occurred to me that I ought to run with this idea. I had someone tell me on Friday night I ought to blog about it and I’ve given it some though in the past, but felt like I never had anything new to offer to the beer-blogging space. However, I love beer and I love my Catholic faith so why can’t I write about the two and how they intertwine? During one of the sessions on the blogging track, I sat down in a group of some amazingly creative minds and we fleshed out the idea (first half-joking then they realized I was dead serious as I purchased this very url on my iPhone while sitting there). So it was that day that this blog was born with the help of so many.

I hope to accomplish a couple things with this blog. Firstly, I want to give fellow beer, wine and liquor enthusiasts the opportunity to share their successes and failures with experimenting with new things! I know there are many times I try a new beer and don’t like it. I am sure there are others out there. I also want to share when I find something I absolutely love! Who wouldn’t want to share this good news with others?
Secondly, I want to meet people where they are and bring them into our faith. I frequent a bar and I have been blessed with the opportunity to discuss my Catholic faith with many there – even some that are fallen-away Catholics who are amazed that someone could be so faithful to the Church yet still have such a passion for beer. Um, have you never heard of any of the beer-brewing monks (more on them in a future post)? So here I am trying to be a faithful Catholic who hopes to evangelize by discussing how a good beer can connect you deeper with the beauty of the Church.

I thank you for reading my blog. It truly means a lot that you would come by and spend time with me. I hope that you come by often and follow me on Twitter @CatholicDrinkie as well as interact with us through the comments! Please let me know what you are interested in reading about and I will do my best to deliver!